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A Canadian First in St-Hyacinthe

Procédé Natur+l XTD is the first cold-pasteurization tolling service company in Canada to use high pressure process (HPP), a high hydrostatic pressure pasteurization process which only uses water to finally offer consumers better-tasting food that stays fresh longer.

A completely natural process

This completely natural process allows processors to reduce the amount of preservatives and other chemical additives they use, and uses re-circulated water to achieve a greener and more sustainable approach to food safety.

North-American recognition and compliance with HACCP

Application of this Swedish technology is recognized by North-American regulators (Health Canada, and the FDA and USDA in the United States). Our premises are federally regulated which required the implementation of the HACCP system. We have also implemented a traceability system to ensure accurate tracking of the foods we process.

Our customers

Our customers come from the food-processing industry, especially the ready-to-eat, deli meat, fruit and vegetable, and cheese sectors.

Benefits of the Natur+l XTD process

We offer the processing industry the ability to add real value to their products with unequalled food safety, a longer best-before date which can extend up to three times longer than it would without the HPP process, and allows a reduction in the amount of salt (sodium) and other chemical preservatives used in the recipes, to provide better-tasting and healthier foods.